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We are going to send a copy of our latest LGBT+ inclusive children's book 'Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina' to EVERY single primary school in the UK. 

Cool plan right? We're calling it the #KennyLives campaign and it means we can help to combat prejudice before it can even get off the ground!

Are you with us? We hope so because we can't do it alone.

There are approximately 22,000 primary schools in the UK and we have listed them all here on our site.

We need you to find your old primary school (or local one) amongst our list and see if they have a copy of the book.

Use the search tool at the top of each table for an easier time, or if scrollings your thing, all schools are listed alphabetically.

If your desired school or schools do not yet have a copy of the book, then you get to be a hero by sending a package of diversity, acceptance, education (and let's not forget rainbows) their way.

Simply click 'Donate a Copy' in the header menu to spread some joy and feel really good about yourself.

So here's the Plan...

#KennyLives   @popnolly   @popnollyuk

(One for EVERY UK Primary School).


Thank you to everyone who has sent a book so far! You are amazing!


But we still have a long way to go, so please post,  tweet and share all the details of our #KennyLives campaign with as many people as you can!

Make sure you tag us on your social media!

Goal: 22543 books

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